Small Stream Gallery 2
Uinta Basin small stream fly fishing is wild and scenic.
Laurel and Derek Sroufe show off an amazing brown trout
that rose to a dry fly on Utah's Strawberry River.
Laurel with a beautiful trout she caught while on a guided
dry fly fishing trip to Utah's Strawberry River.
Mr. Paul Swenson and his daughter, Heather, with the first of
many dry fly eaters on a beautiful summer day.
What a great looking fish.
Paul's son, Todd, hooked in to a REAL pig.
Todd set the bar high with this incredible brown trout he
rose to a dry fly on a 7 1/2 foot 3-weight!
Heather battling another bruiser.
Not to be outdone, Heather answers back with this gigantic
brown trout she got on the dry fly with the little 3-weight!
Releasing the last amazing fish of an equally amazing day.
Mr. Dick Reece with a huge dry fly caught brown trout.
Here's Dick on a different day with another
trophy Utah brown trout that was also looking up.
Getting ready to send another one back just a
little smarter than it was before.
We're not always alone out there while fly fishing
Utah's small streams.
Dick Reece shows off yet another big, beautiful
Utah brown trout that rose to a dry fly in the
Uinta Basin.
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