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Mr. Jeff Grathwohl with a real champ he caught while on a
guided fly fishing trip to Utah's Uinta Basin.
Mr. Richard Reece with a big brown trout he caught while on
a guided fly fishing trip to Utah's Strawberry River.
Strawberry River, Utah fly fishing guide, Joe Mitchell, with a
real bruiser from the Strawberry River.
Mr. Pete Smith with a great brown trout from the Uinta Basin.
A huge trophy brown trout from Utah's Uinta Basin.
Native cutthroat trout from Utah's Duchesne River.
A wild, native Colorado River strain cutthroat trout
from an historic population in the Uinta Basin.
The home water. Dry fly fishing for wild, native trout.
Love those red spots!
Jeff Mitchell with another big brown trout from
Utah's Strawberry River.
Strawberry brownie.
Jeff Mitchell with a trophy brown trout he caught while
fly fishing in Utah's Uinta Basin.
Strawberry River Fly fishing guide, Joe Mitchell with a
23-inch buck brown from Utah's Uinta Basin.
Another trophy brown trout caught while fly fishing
the Strawberry River, Utah.
Better see him before he sees you!
Mr. Mike Lee with an impressive, dry fly caught brown
trout on a Uinta Basin small stream.
Mr. Mike Lee with another great, dry fly eater.
Another great reason to save the planet... wild, native trout.
Small Stream Gallery
Another one of many great brown trout taken on a
dry fly in Utah by Mr. Mike Lee.
Big trout on little dry flies in the Uinta Basin.
Mr. Mike Lee with a great dry fly caught brown trout from
Utah's Uinta Basin.
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