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24-inches long and not a single mark on him.
Steve Drew's 26-inch, catch and release, trophy
brown trout from southwestern Wyoming.
Fly fishing guide, Steve Burt, doing his thing
on Wyoming's Green River.
Mr. Sean Gullick ropes in a trophy rainbow trout while on
a guided fly fishing float trip on Wyoming's Green River.
The face of a killer.  That's one mean carnivore!
Steve Drew and NBA star Danny Vrains with a very impressive double.
The end of another perfect day of fly fishing in
southwestern Wyoming.
A pumpkin brownie from the Green River.
Fly fishing guide, Jeff Fleig's 24-inch bruiser from the Green River.
Fleig was on some kinda roll!
It's pretty obvious Jeff Fleig has been living his life right.
Jeff Fleig's other 24-inch trophy brown trout that day.
Here's Kraig Graham with a trophy rainbow trout he caught while
on a guided fly fishing trip to the Hams Fork River in Wyoming.
Just one more fish and then I swear we'll go!
Wyoming Gallery
Wyoming fly fishing guide, Joe Mitchell  with a huge, spring
rainbow trout from the Hams Fork River.
Fly fishing for trophy rainbow trout on
Wyoming's Hams Fork River.
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until it is on the bank.
- Irish Proverb