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Bill Green started his Wyoming fly fishing trip off right
with this big rainbow trout.
Here's Bill with the first of many huge browns landed on
his and Ben Stevens' guided fly fishing trip to Wyoming.
Ben releasing another trophy brown trout back to the river.
Ben Stevens shows off an incredible, 24-inch brown trout
he caught while fly fishing Wyoming's Green River.
They just kept getting bigger for Bill and Ben. Bill
caught this unbelievable 26-inch whopper on the
second day of their trip.
Bill Green with his own 24-inch brown trout he caught in Wyoming.
Ben Stevens proudly showing off the fish of a lifetime.
We thought they couldn't get any bigger than Bill's 26-incher
from the day before until Ben Stevens landed this insanely huge,
27-inch monster brown trout on day three.
Bill Green got day two off to a good start with this
gorgeous 23-inch brown trout.
Ben Stevens and Wyoming fly fishing guide, Joe Mitchell, with
Ben's gigantic brown trout.
Wyoming fly fishing guide, Joe Mitchell, with a
massive 24-inch cutthroat trout.
Kraig Graham with a huge cut-bow from his Wyoming fly fishing trip.
One of the big brown trout Daniel landed on his
guided Wyoming fly fishing trip.
Daniel Keating and a really nice cutthroat trout
from his fly fishing trip to Wyoming.
Here's Nigel Nugent with a big, beautiful
Wyoming brown trout.
Ron Breivik caught this gigantic 26-inch brown trout
while fly fishing in Wyoming with guide, Joe Mitchell.
Joe Lambert caught this huge brown trout on
his and Ron Breivik's Wyoming fly fishing trip.
Here's Garrett Dutton (G Love) with a huge brown
trout he caught on his fly fishing trip to Wyoming.
Ran out of net on this one! Ron Breivik's amazing 26-inch brown
trout fills the opening of this boat net and then some.
Jeff Mitchell shows off another big brown.
Jeff and Dad Mitchell with an amazing double.
Jeff Mitchell with a big, beautiful rainbow trout from Wyoming.
Dad Mitchell with another trophy brown trout
from southwest Wyoming.
Brothers Jeff and Joe Mitchell with a big Wyoming brown
trout from their 2008 float trip on the Green River.
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